Goodie Bag Haul – Fashion Week Berlin

Welcome to a new vlog! I am sitting here together with Luisa and we will unpack all my goodie bags from Berlin Fashion Week today and discover what's inside I would say, that I haven't seen 90 percent of the content so I don't know what's inside So let's check it out! Let's start with a smaller bag

This goodie bag here is from So Cosi and I got it at the Dawid Tomaszewski fitting So there is a keychain inside – we are sitting a bit too far from the camera Jimmy hopes, that there is food inside Other than that there is a hairbrush inside

That's something you always need Okay, so this one is empty Now this one You can unpack this one I have to admit, that I put together two different goodie bags here

The bag is from Häagen-Dazs but there is also something from Reserved inside Jimmy! – Here we got a candle Foggy Meadow Okay, this probably is a scented candle We have to sniff at it first And check if it smeels good or not It's not my thing, to be honest

– joa, it's a little bit it smells like a restaurant's restroom – Yes, I wanted to say the same

A fragrance from Reserved In nice colours But I won't open it now Now comes Häagen-Dazs – Yes

That's probably something to wear It's a t-shirt I haven't seen it yet – from Häagen-Dazs So, this is the back

That's the back, isn't it? – Yes Jimmy! The colours are very summerly And this one here is from Friday, from Michalsky And I actually had two goodie bags But I already emptied one of them because there are cookies inside! What kind of cookies are these? Are those fortune cookies? – Chocolate fortune cookies

One for every day Do you want one? Today is Monday, so you have to take Monday A Monday's fortune cookie I ate the whole bag on one day this past weekend Oh, there was another full bag? YES! I ate one full bag of these already Shower gel, two times

from Michalsky for Tetesept Luisa, do you want one? – this one is good, this quote suits our situation Smells very fresh And now What's the quote? Sometimes all you need to be happy is meeting up with a friend you haven't seen in a while

You know who is meant Contact this friend today Ask how he's doing And arrange to meet up soon Luisa, how are you doing? – I am doing well! Nice

Do you want one? A shower gel? – Yes – When you don't need it?! No Wait, we pack a goodie bag for you And you can pack in everything you want It was worth coming today

Here This is your goodie bag – Oh, wow Here we have hydrate shampoo Sweet Coconut from Udo Walz Luisa, do you want one? Do you want a shampoo? I actually would really like one of the shampoos

Because shampoo is quite expensive in London – There you go, shampoo for your goodie bag Marcel Ostertag – I know the name I think I know him from a TV show Something like Germany's Next Topmodel? Yeah, I think

I think he was part of a Germany's Next Topmodel episode Did the models have to walk for his show? No! It was something else Ah! Yes, I know! I think it was something like Next Designer or something

Yes and I think he even won the show – Yes Vitamin Well In rosé Hydrate

With Vitamin C, D, zinc, biotin, magnesium and the taste of strawberries and pie plant Here we have what is this? Some kind of an anti-frizz smooth spray For every hair Probably for – from Redken – I don't know Maybe for curly hair? It's a treatment And, ehm, what is this? Lingerie Glitter Paillettes We got it! – That's something for the lips

English definitely isn't easy Here we have Redken Brews Redken? It will probably be a hair product – Shampoo, Conditioner, 3-in-1, and body wash It's travel size, that's perfect! – Yes, that's for travels

Ok sorry I need this – Oh no No worries, you can take it But wait

I have something for you It's exactly your style! – Oh, what comes now? This! Is this focusing? – False nails? – Yes One Step Gel, Luisa Wow And look, there is even glitter one some of the nails

Perfect for you as you wear a lot of glitter – Yes, it's nice Something different Something new I could try You could give it your sister

– Yes – Yes? Ok, ciao Let's continue with McArthur Glen This is the goodie bag from the Dawid Tomaszewski Show Yes, from the show

There's a lot inside Let's start with the drinks This is a suoer healthy water Pure Organic Coconut Juice Ok?! I honestly don't really like coconut water

Yes, it is It usually doesn't taste very well We have to put it in the fridge before we can try it Here we have an oat bar

A jacket bar Poppy-seed and apricot Nice! – As a snack in between – Ok, ciao Food! Food is always good! I love it when the goodie bags contain food

– And matcha tea But this is matcha tea, isn't it? It's not matcha coffee – No, I think it is pure matcha but that's a good question It definitely is to-go But I wonder how to how is it to-go? You will still need hot water, won't you? Yes

But yes, it is pure matcha Ok, cool Nice, this one is a VIP card for the McArthur Glen outlets You will get a 10 percent discount with this card This is something for the face

Toned anti-aging sunblocker gel for sensitive skin Anti-aging! Oh yes, I have this one already! Are you already using anti-aging products? Not it was in another goodie bag Do you want this one? Should I start with anti-aging? Yes, I think you should start in your early twenties or mid-twenties Well, then I probably should take this one with me And it's travel size! So

Next up: chocolate face mask – I think you can eat it! Yes, the writing on the package says: tastes good Yes, no kidding I used to eat them when I was younger after putting it on my face You didn't do this?! – I did! Luisa, this is disgusting

I really liked it back then Here you go Enjoy your chocolate face mask And don't forget to tell me how it tasted – I will

It does taste good! Here we have a sleeping mask Perfect for a long flight, but it is a bit too wide for me For you as well? It's fits too loose on my head Same Okay, it's for bigger heads

– And it doesn't really covers up I always need a sleeping mask that covers everything up Yes, it's useless when there is still light coming through Next up we have Quickcap Quick Cap Beauty Is this a drinking bottle? Yes, it is

There are some kind of healthy things you can mix with water Right Beauty drinks or something like this But I haven't tried it yet I've heard about it, but I don't know if it is good or not

If you want to know what it looks like Quickcap Beauty You probably just have to try it Here we have Carrot & Coconut Body Mousse A cream? – A body cream Vitalizing Bio Body Mousse – Ok Sounds interesting

Even the combination of coconut and carrot Yes, it sounds interesting But, we have to see if it also smells good I will leave it closed for now – I don't know, if I want to smell like carrot

This goodie bag is from Biotherm and, of course, there are only Biotherm products inside I don't know I don't want to go into details It's their new product line Everything with lots of water

Hydrate Aqua Source Gel Aqua, right Yes And there also is a small that's a serum

Ah and a brooch This is a concentrate you put on your face to give a natural glow And here we have the said brooch It's a What is it? – Is it a bug? Yes, it is And doesn't look too bad

Not that I would wear a brooch But you could definitely create an interesting look with this brooch Do you want a brooch? No, it's nothing he could eat So it's not interesting Here we have the next bag Oh, this one is from the Lascana show from Monday! I spy Popcorn! Uh! What is this? Popcorn as you get it at the cinema

Is this for a microwave? This is how the Popcorn Loop works No, it seems to be a bag you put on a cooking pot and that's how you can make popcorn as you get it at the cinema Do you like Popcorn? – No Ok Handmade in Berlin Is it something to eat? Ah

Maybe it is I don't know Should I open it? – Yes, open it Handmade in Berlin Ginger! Ah, it is a Ginger Shot! Don't you like ginger shots? – Yes, I do! But I have to put it in the fridge first

This is what it looks like We have to support our Berlin based companies "Handjemacht in Berlin" – we like it! We like it! And here we have the popcorn corn for the popcorn loop Now we actually could make popcorn Yes, we could

– No, but I won't make it Pity! So Once again – Oh, I already have this Hydra Genius Aloe Washer From Loreal Aloe Water Liquid Care Here, do you want to have it? – When you don't need it No, I already have it

What do I do with it? – Wash you face And then our camera died and we didn't notice it Here we have a smoothie bar that was inside the InStyle Box we just opened That's right Dragon Fruit

Ok?! Food is always good! – Yes! And another Ultra Sun face cream Ehm, another mask Sleep repair renewal nourishing mask from Mudwhat? Mudmasky Mudmasky Sleep repair Something to try

And a – a hand foam hand foam? – hand foam Do you leave it on or what do you do with it? I think so

Hmm, hand foam Coconut water again With passion fruit juice and seeds

Is it a drink? – Yes Do you want to try it? But I have to drink it cold, don't I? – Yes Then let's put it in the fridge – And here you can have this one as well Let's put everything in the fridge

This one is quite handy Not that I use a lot of brushes and make-up But here A cleaner for brushes A cleaner and a bowl Aha, ok

– It's handy, isn't it? Yes, it is But I would use it for my acryl paint etc That's also a good idea This is the last goodie bag It's from H&M

Ah and it is from the Love – what was the name? – Love Stories intimates collaboration and there is one piece inside Ah but this is cute A sleeping mask – This one actually is cute Yes, I like it and I will keep it

It's cute Okay, I have to tie it But one can imagine what it might look like Perfect, I think we are done – Yes, we are! I will show you – oh my god

Ok This is everything that was inside the goodie bags I think I will sort out a couple of things and use some things from everything you can see here for a giveaway for you guys I think I will do it on Instagram So make sure to follow me, check my account and see ya!

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