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Hi Pinkvilla, this is Pooja Hegde and we're here to talk about my favorite beauty essentials So well this is my beauty my makeup bag which I think is the best buy that I've ever made because it's so convenient and it's really blingy but sharp it's just bring some sparkle into my life So I have this bag with me everywhere I go it's really convenient because I travel a lot and it has all my favorite beauty products like my moisturizer which you can clearly see has been overused by me I have really dry skin so I can't do without this one it's called Emolene what else so I love mascara and I particularly love this one it's by Lancome it's called Hypnose drama because I have really long lashes so if I just use a really good mascara I don't really need to ever apply lashes sothis is a good one it really

the name is drama and trust me it gives you that extra oomph this is another prdouct that I can't live without it's the Bobbi Brown it's called the Pot Rouge for lips and cheeks it's pretty multi-purpose they have it in like coral and pink and it's really light weight it gives you a very very fresh and a very natural blush and you can kinda also use it on your lips and it's also got a mirror so I love this one what else, what else, what else I have really thick eyebrows so I cannot live without this I don't know what it's called what is it called? it's like it's kind of like keep your eyebrows in place with it it's like a midi comb for your eyebrows My favorite lipstick shade

I think it would have to be this bare minerals I don't know the name though it's like plum color it's a bare mineral lip color which is a matte liquid this one's also really good I love the urban decay primer for the eyes If you're going out and and it's gonna be like a long night or a long day it's a great primer to just apply it before you put on your eyeshadow it kind of just stays longer and umm and it doesn't really alter the shade of your eyeshadow what else sunscreen is a very very important thing especially when I'm shooting outdoors I am quite lazy to apply it everyday but I believe that it's something you should do especially when you know like the sun can really damage your skin so I love the neutrogena one am I a mascara or a brow person umm I already have really thick brows so I think I'm set there so that's why I'll pick mascara favorite makeup trend that I'm obsessing over liquid matte lip colors what else I love the MAC pot which you get it in black and brown I love this very rarely do I use the actual Kajal pencil these days because I think that it kind of smudges after a point and it kind of gives you like a under eye because of the shade that it is so that's why I like this one it kind of stays in place couple of brands which have really good liquid liners so I think you guys should pick this up it's a great buy and lip liner sometimes I don't even apply like a lip color I just go with like a nice flesh tone nudey pink lip color this one's called soar by MAC it'sit's like a natural pink so it's great of you wanna go for the barely there makeup and

I love the Laura Mercier It's like a tinted moisturizer so I have dry skin so it really works great I don't like applying too much base or too much foundation because I love to see skin texture and I mean you know it's great to see skin texture and not just layer on a lot of makeup which is why I really like the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and I even like the Giorgio Armani this is like my favorite foundation ever because it's really really light and it's very sheer so ya one person's makeup bag I would like to steal you know there are some amazing makeup artists like Patrick Ta and Hung Vanngo who I follow on Instagram and they seem to have every makeup product on earth so I mean can I

like I don't wanna say steal but dip into their makeup bags and what else we have I have this for your hair which is like a luxe oil which is great for likeif you've frizzy hair and you know just kinda settle it down and also it smells great guys so I mean after i put it on you just put a little bit a tiny bit on your palm and just put it on your hair and then I keep smelling my hands because it smells fantastic and yaa you can always find so I am a perfume addict so when it comes to any kind of essential I would say perfume would be everywhere and there's always one there's one in my car, there's one in my room one in my bag and I'm kind of obsessed with the Jo Malone Oud and Bergamot perfume right now and it's unisex so guys for some reason you're watching this video because I don't know why you would be because it's a makeup essential thing but if you are this is a good one to have If I had to show my makeup skills on I mean I do my own makeup a lot of times but

can I do Gigi Hadid's makeup I'm obsessed with her face right now so ya Gigi Ya that's all about my beauty essentials there's a lot more in here but this one's great actually I love the Urban Decay the Naked Palettes I just like thatyou know it adds a little bit of tint to your eyes sometimes and that's all that you really need they've a lot of amazing stuff they have this burnt orange here which is really really beautiful and it's like the name says Naked but ya that's my beauty essentials keep your makeup always minimal keep it glossy with no makeup makeup look is always the best go to look that there is Thank You hi guys if you like this video on my beauty essentials then like, share, and subscribe to Pinkvilla

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