Paquete Dating Dating Blog Spillin’ The Tea: ‘Drag Race’ Queens Talk Dating & Tammie Brown’s Night In Jail

Spillin’ The Tea: ‘Drag Race’ Queens Talk Dating & Tammie Brown’s Night In Jail

(upbeat dance music) (music fades) – Hi, welcome to Billboard's Spillin' the Tea Now we're gonna talk about boys, boys, boys

Muchachos, muchachos, muchachos (laughter) (growling) Hi, Peru (Ginger laughs) Anyhow, hi girlfriends How has being in drag affected your dating life? – It sucks – [Tammie] Really? – Yeah, because you can't find a guy who like you for you, or they don't wanna date you because you're a drag queen

– [Tammie] Oh, transphobic – And it just sucks – It really sucks – Well let me tell– I've got a story about that, as the married lady up here on the panel – Oh yeah, someone is married up here

– (laughs) I am Well actually, like, in my first couple months as a Drag Race girl right off of season 7, I was feelin' my oats as we all do on the road, and the one time in my life I tried to pretend to be a top, I met this boy – Ah! – I did, and as we're going at it, he turns around and he goes, 'I can't believe I'm getting fucked by Ginger Minj' (gasps and groans) [Tammie] That is it – [Ginger] No, that was not the end of it, it was like 'n-n-n-n-no,' (laughter) it turned into an innie, it tucked itself, and I was like, 'you have to go' It was the strangest thing to me, and in my head it was like, 'oh my god, you only wanted to hook up with me because I was on TV and this is who I am

' So, I didn't date after that at all I didn't hook up, I didn't do anything, and when I met my husband, (laughs) he didn't know who I was He had no clue who Ginger Minj was, what Drag Race was He's an ex-professional wrestler, and a chef – [Tammie] Work

– Like, he's one of the manliest butch boys I've ever met, and– – He'll beat an egg and beat that pussy – Exactly! (queens cheer and laugh) – And that was the most– That was the most attractive thing about him – Is that he didn't know who you were in drag? – He didn't care – [Eureka] Wow! – [Ginger] Yeah, absolutely – [Eureka] That's cute

– And so that's what finally like, reinstated my faith (laughing) in men – She said, 'hook, line and sinker, honey, you don't know who I am in drag? Hook, line and sinker – Exactly, and because it makes you feel a certain way, doesn't it? – Hell yeah – Right – I feel like I had a pretty good amount of success dating being a drag queen, I actually felt like my dating life got better, and I'm talking about like pre-Drag Race only because I became more confident as a person outside of doing drag, after doing drag

– [Ginger] Yeah? – And it changed so much for me that like, my dating life became better because I felt comfortable approaching guys in the bars and being like, 'hi, what's your name?' You know, there was like this period of time where I was really feelin' my jush, girl, (queens laughing) and I would go up to men to the bar and I wouldn't be trying to get the abs, I'd be like, 'hi, what's your name?' and I met my now-boyfriend of two years in a bar one night, we crossed paths and we looked at each other and we're like what's your name? – [Miz] And he's great – Yeah, he's my baby, I love him – There used to be stigmas about that 'Oh, so you do drag because you're an ugly guy' and things like that, a lot of people would do that, but for me that never was a problem I was very comfortable with who I was and they like you both ways? Alright, bring it on

I wasn't afraid of tranny chasers or things like that, as they would say, – [Jasmine] Ooh, I was (laughter) – Well, we always called 'em 'clown fuckers' – [Tammie] Oh, 'clown fuckers', that too But 'star fuckers' is the one that was trying to get you – Oh my god, there are Race Chasers

– I leave them all alone – Right – Yeah – I– oh, sorry, I actually went– I went into season 10 with a boyfriend And I started dating him 'cause I met him at a meet and greet, imagine, this is all gonna tell its own story

(laughter) And I thought he was, y'know, all about me, but like, our conversations would always be about like, Drag Race and the girls and like, things that might be coming up, and this and that, and it was just like, it was so damaging to me because it made me feel like, 'oh, well, the only reason you that wanna be around me is to potentially, first of all, probably get more followers, probably be able to talk to your friends and act like we're so close, and that actually made me feel uncomfortable in some situations, like he didn't want to– He wanted to act like we were best friends instead of dating (groaning) Like, it was awkward and it was weird, so like, post-Drag Race, dating got real weird for me Hooking up got better – [Ginger] (laughing) It always does – After Drag Race, because, especially out in the country, girl, 'cause they just wanna fuck you 'cause you're famous

– Okay, okay – And I love y'all, but I take it, a big girl gets it where she can – You better, girl! – I'm sorry, y'all – [Shea] I ain't mad at that Wait, do you guys wanna play a game really quick? – Yes, well, I don't know

– Okay, okay – What game? – Is it Truth or Dare? – Let's play Never Have I Ever (screams) (dance music) – Okay (shouting) We have paddles – I thought these were fancy pans

– Do I get a paddle? – Yeah, no, this one's yours (laughter) – Ping Pong! – Do you get a paddle? – Oh, work! It's right there – It's next to your chair – Ping Pong? – Six girls, four cups, here we go – (laughs) Six girls, four cups, cheers! – Do you want to start us off with your turn? – I'll start us off, okay, I'll do an easy one

– Okay, perfect – Okay, okay – That's how I remain so popular, I'm easy – (laughs) And got a husband – Never have I ever worn women's clothes in public

– [Miz] Wait, what? – I think you have to say something you've not done, that's how you play the game – No! If you– Well, no, I've not – Okay – I still haven't worn women's clothes in public! – [Eureka] That was a sequin potato sack, girl! (laughter) – That's right, custom-made – Okay, (laughs) I'm confused now

– You can say whatever you want! – Have you ever spent the night in jail? In transvestism – [Eureka] No – [Jasmine] Hell no (hooting) – [Eureka] Tammie! Tammie! (shouting) – I wanna know the story before we move on – I was with Raven that night, in Ontario California

And I'm glad I got my DUI that time, I won't be out there driving around anymore, 'woo, simply the best!' (queens laughing) – No, but, I went to jail in full drag, and I had me on a sister wig, and they couldn't clock it, and so I stayed the whole night in jail, and then they kindly– a sister, um, well A butch walked by, and she said 'what are you doin' in here?' – Wait, bitch, what is a sister wig? – This is jail! Well you know, a black girl's wig, sister's wigs – What is a black girl wig? – They look nicer, more real – Bonet exchange – So this you have on could be a sister wig? – This one is a vanity

Me and Boots call 'em sister wigs – Okay – Uh huh, that's right, you know Boots? – A sister wig and a vanity wig – Melissy, sister – Okay

(laughter) What does Shae have on? – Well, she has very natural sister– – [Miz] A grandma wig, girls – [Queen] What does she have on? – It's called a sister wig – [Queen] Cotton candy? – She has 'pretty party girl' – Yeah, girl, this is Party City where I belong (laughter) – You know how you be watching some of those girls, only good one is Dolly Parton's wigs, and the rest of them are like 'oh my god

' – Our wigs are not good – You don't like 'em? – No – [Ginger] Wait, who wants to go next? – I guess it would be me So for me, never have I ever worn under a size 15 in a women's shoe – [Queen] Under? – I wear a size 16 shoe! – You wear a size 16, bitch?! – That's not a shoe, that's a boat! – No that's a canoe, bitch! (laughter) – Look, bitch, I'm happy to be a size nine so I can go to any store and get me a cute shoe

– Yes, we are the same size! (chatting and laughing) – You got a good one? – Yes, okay Never have I ever slept with a frienemy's man – Oh – Mmm – [Shea] So it ain't your friend

(Eureka laughs) It ain't your enemy, but you don't like that bitch – So, okay – Wait, so, if I did it– – I wouldn't do that, I'm a good Christian woman– – Oh, so you have – [Miz] That's my number one strategy (laughter) – The 'fucking enemy's man

' – It's called 'mutual friends on Facebook', girl That's what it is – Oh, so you go through the mutual friend, you– (laughing) – One At A

Time Girl, I did a four year project – [Tammie] Really? – Next time I see you, I will have slept with all your friends Now who has gonorrhea? – Ha ha, joke's on you, I have no friends! (laughter) – I hope you like BO

(laughing) – Just tell him he looks sexy with his hair pushed back – Never have I ever? – Oh, okay, so, um Oh

(laughs) Okay, I don't have anything that I've never done Yeah, you do one, Jasmine – Never have I ever sucked dick on a bus – [Queens] On a bus? – Does a school bus count? – Any bus, bitch! A bus! – Or in a motor vehicle, maybe? – Any type of vehicle – Oh, I have

– Does an Uber driver count? – Bitch, I know you had them (laughter) – Well, I mean, if we're talking Uber drivers, who hasn't? – I actually have given an Uber driver head before – We read about it on Facebook – Girl, sometimes you forget your purse – And you pay for your– no, bitch, you ain't paying for it 'cause you had a credit card

(shouting) So you pay for it! – This was back in the day, we talkin'– – [Jasmine] You pay to suck dick and get dropped off! (screeching) And leave a tip, and five stars, but no free food, so you still be home hungry! – Okay, well since I gave a blowjob to an Uber driver and he was incompetent, we should wrap this up It was like a gummy worm (hooting) – Come on, gummies! – Hot tea, thank you all for– – She got it, was flimsy – Mhm (chomping noises) (screeching and laughing) – Sorry, excuse me, like one of those rats you get at the zoo? – Ew! – Thank you all for tuning in with us lovely ladies

(snickering) – (singing) Wigs, wigs, wigs Jasmine, you paint so soft – [Miz] Oh, I know – But I've seen you paint it back, too – [Miz] That nude lip and the– – You're a woman (Jasmine laughs) You're just a woman, girl

You're just givin 'em fish – Girl, I was walking out of my house, honey (Eureka laughs) – She said, 'I woke up like this,' allegedly – And I got boys and men on my street, bitch, they need so see hip hope love and fish – Oh, bitch

(techno sting)

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