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Being a rude with the waitress I know that! Do you want to be in charge of the whole date? – I don't want to Keeping quiet is a red flag I want him to talk Hey guys it's Cathy Cat on Ask Japanese Today we are gonna talk about love and ask Japanese people […]

This Is Why Dating Naked Was Canceled

The title tells you pretty much everything you need to know about Dating Naked, a reality show that aired on VH1 between 2014 and 2016 Singles flew to tropical locales, stripped nude, then went on jet-skiing and horseback-riding dates in their birthday suits But while the premise got a lot of buzz, the ratings didn't, […]

Things you should know if you start a relationship with a Korean guy.

Hello! With you, the Korean guy Dongon! Today we will talk about delusions, concerned with Korean men Our topic today is a misconception about Korean guys I prepared the 4 most common misconceptions I will try to disassemble each of them and tell why it is a delusion It is possible that this is not […]

5 Dating Hacks That Make Him Fall For You (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

Grab a pen, grab some paper, because I'm about to give you five things that you can do in early stage dating that I think most people are not doing that will make someone fall for you much harder, and by the way, ladies, you are gonna love number five, because it is gonna save […]

Spillin’ The Tea: ‘Drag Race’ Queens Talk Dating & Tammie Brown’s Night In Jail

(upbeat dance music) (music fades) – Hi, welcome to Billboard's Spillin' the Tea Now we're gonna talk about boys, boys, boys Muchachos, muchachos, muchachos (laughter) (growling) Hi, Peru (Ginger laughs) Anyhow, hi girlfriends How has being in drag affected your dating life? – It sucks – [Tammie] Really? – Yeah, because you can't find a […]

If Fortnite Was a Dating App

– Let's do this ( light rock music ) I've got 20 seconds to get to my date BigPimpin437? – Yup You must be SweetCaramel19, what's your stats? – Well I've killed 72 people, my favorite weapon is the rocket launcher and one day I hope to start a family – Uhh – Are you […]