Paquete Dating Dating Blog Things you should know if you start a relationship with a Korean guy.

Things you should know if you start a relationship with a Korean guy.

Hello! With you, the Korean guy Dongon! Today we will talk about delusions, concerned with Korean men Our topic today is a misconception about Korean guys

I prepared the 4 most common misconceptions I will try to disassemble each of them and tell why it is a delusion It is possible that this is not at all a delusion, And I will try to explain these moments to you So, the first Korean men work very hard

This opinion can be called a delusion The reason why Korean men work so hard, is not that they want to work hard, but then, That they have a strong desire to make money for the future It is in this opinion that foreign girls are often mistaken "Why do you work at a time when we have a date? "Why even after 6 hours do you work?" With the study just as well Korean students learn very hard They become smart or even very smart The number of students who really study diligently is very high The reason for this is that Most Korean men believe that their future is unclear

For example, I think that our country is not prosperous enough As for me, after talking with friends, I learned why many can not marry It's all about money Everyone says that they simply do not have the money In fact, even if you now have money, you need to think about your future family

Therefore, Korean men very often experience and plague themselves with thoughts about money Since our country is not well-off, the Koreans believe that In case of job loss, it becomes very difficult to live And in order to live well, you need to work hard Also after graduating from the university you need to look for work Therefore, students study diligently That's why Korean men work during a date or They replace the meeting with study or work

I hope that in the future you will not be so mistaken In Korean culture, men should be responsible for their family If he is lazy and having fun Then he does himself a bad thing "I'm a useless person" So he will think to himself

The second Korean men love money A similar story with work Korean men are receptive when it comes to money In the dating culture in Korea, there is no such thing as everyone pays for themselves

Although recently this trend has increased But still, only men had to pay before Even in marriage, wives do homework, and husbands make money Because of such a patriarchal culture of Korea, men receive some kind of social pressure In society, men are constantly pressed against men, telling them that they must work

They also receive enormous pressure from the fact that they must earn money for the family Therefore, if you marry a Korean, then you certainly will not die of hunger Korean men always work, thinking about family Therefore, they work hard and earn money for a good future Third Korean men are very receptive to the views of their parents I very often heard such an opinion When I meet foreigners in Korea, they often say so They say that the guy's parents are against their relationship Or that the guy obeys his parents

It is often said about this This is because the Confucian ideology is still strong in Korea In Confucianism, special importance is due to respect for parents Parents have raised you, you need to be grateful for it Therefore, they respect and value the opinion of their parents

Also there is a culture of respect for the elders If the parents are against anything, That and Korean men and women will respect their opinion Therefore, they value and respect the opinion of elders more than their own However, this does not always mean that if the parents said, then you must do it Even if you have an opinion, you need to respect the opinion of the parents Usually, if the parents are against anything, then the Korean men try to find a compromise Of course, for foreigners this seems very strange To be honest, I also do not always insist on my own I always try to find a compromise and convince my parents

Here is my friend, if his opinion and opinion of his parents differ, then He either finds a middle ground, or he listens to his parents I think you must know this It's not about men, but about our culture If you have a Korean girl, do not worry, because your opinions will be similar The fourth It is impossible to find out what Korean men have in their hearts It's true

Learn what is inside, in the soul of Korean men is impossible However, this applies to all men on the whole planet On the part of foreigners, Korean men Being near, pretend that they are so kind, innocent and do not like to talk about something frank or do something like that But in reality, being alone At night in this situation What happens is what you do not expect from them at all

Girls are foreigners, when they meet Koreans, they think that they are all kind and innocent And then, they say that there are so many cases when they behave like perverts In this case, too, there is some error Not all men are like that Korean men are also against sexual violence

In Korea, prostitution is illegal And porn is also illegal All that men can use to stimulate sexual desire throughout the world is illegal Because of this, Korean men have a hard time However, the problem lies in some peculiarity in Korean culture

All talk about sex is forbidden If you talk about such things in a crowded place, it will be considered shameful In Korean society, this culture strictly controls the basic instincts of men Despite the fact how much men control In comparison with ordinary men, some do not succumb to this

Instead of being bad, we always ask the girl's opinion first After this, there will be no unpleasant situations On the other hand, Korean men They can feel even greater passion and desire But as you understand, there is a special cultural reason for this So, we talked about four misconceptions about Korean guys

Of course, something, maybe, is not as such an error After all, in fact, Koreans do work a lot And they listen to their parents I just wanted to convey to you that this is all a special cultural feature Therefore, in case of misunderstanding, I hope that you will think about these things If you have any questions, write in the comments I will definitely read and try to answer you

With you was a Korean guy Dongon!! Take care of your health! Thank you!

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