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Hello everyone! So, my name is Ankita Lokhande, as you guys know So I wan you ah

one second So I want to introduce my new little baby and his name is Hachi And I am here to do what's in my bag So I don't know what's in my bag because I usually don't use bags and I don't I like bags cause I am not at all girly girly girl

But yes, I like to use some handbags like you know backpack kind of a stuff So today I and Hachi will show you what's in my backpack okay So Hachi, can we start? Shall we? Okay! wait! So this is my bag This is my back pack And, there are few things which I wanna show

So these are my sun-glasses Okay And These are most useful, I guess Now there is so much heat so we would love to use some sunglasses

So this is the one thing which I always carry in my bag And second thing, is absolutely my phone Everybody needs it I love my phone And uh

This is the most important thing which is always there with me One second Hachi

Okay Fine My mom, dad and my brother Always What else

Okay There's bag there's a normal purse My all cards are there in this

Cards are only there usually you don't carry cash So yes, this is my bag with lot of cards in it So this is one thing Haachi, wait I guess myself, my bag, because I don't carry bag, so I need to know what's there in my bag

So I will peep into my own bag And one more thing which is very useful which is very important for every girl sanitary pad So if anybody needs then I am always there So any girl needs it, so it's the most important thing And

Earphones This is the most important one Cause I need it while talking

Because I do a lot of video calling, face timing So I need it Wherever I go this is with me, all the time And my charger Because phone charger like earphones it's like a must-must thing

So yes, this is it What else I guess ummm Deepika Because I really want to know what's in her bag

Rose water I don't like to put a lot of makeup But today I have done because you guys, you know So I like to use this Rose water which is very important for me So that my face remains fresh So I like to use this Pure Rosewater So this is the one thing which I always carry

I usually don't carry bags So, there is nothing But if I am carrying a bag Like in my daily basis, daily routine I always carry my charger, my phone, and my earphone

So yes! And rubber-band To tie the hair It's a very simple thing, right? And this is my lipstick which I have applied right now So yes

This is one thing And this is a body mist Victoria Secret And that's it And he is the new addition which is

He is always there with me So he is the new addition to my bag So, thank you

If you liked peeping in to my bag, if you liked my stuff so, please subscribe, like and comment to Pinkvilla Bye Hachi Say bye

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