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There are many things in my bag and just like Sejal Umm I keep a lot of things stuffed in my bag So, I can lose lots of things just how, how, how Sejal looses the ring In 'Jab Harry met Sejal' But, let me take you through my bag So, first in no particular order and with no, umm Kind of importance being shown to the first item that I am going to bring out I carry Medicines Because I work, too much and my immunity keeps dropping and I am not uhh Like the, my manager She is uhh terrible She makes me work too much because of which I keep falling sick Then I have to like medicate myself But I try not to have too much medication now-a-days So, this is just for like literal like emergency Like when I am getting really sick and I can't uhh

Self heal myself Next I have This thing! which is literally the most important thing in my life And I will tell you, what this issomething To help me to take care of blisters! Every girls problem, new shoes Um We keep walking and get all this blisters, we cannot wear shoes UmmI wear lots of shoes Which are very uncomfortable Um Other then sneakers, so then I have to use this Amazing thing Which is called Compete And it is literally the best thing ever invented in the world It's better then computers and aeroplanes also Uh

Either with Sonu or Bablu Sonu is my security guard AnduhBablu is my valet So, either one of them or going to have my bag They got my back!! My bag pack Okay, next next, then there is this one thing that I have in my bag always So it's like a 'Khali dabba' which is very cute

and it is very old also But this 'khali dabba' is to put things like, this thing I wear These Chains that I wear, I am not wearing chain right now but when I do Or earrings uh

because when you're shooting ans this is a safe place to keep it and then I can keep in that Okay, next There are certain things I cannot show it

Because, it's it's private stuff Then I have to carry 'Kuthe Gela?' uhh! House keys Because I come back home late and nobody opens the door for me Then very important , so important like it's literally too important Rubber bands you can ever have too many rubber bands, so I need all of them

and there are more also Hell no, nobody please, I mean whywhy carry so much baggage Then I have this really nice thing known as organizer that i can put everything so that i can safely uhh

keep these things Okay then, of course you need a pento write and you need more rubber bands because you never*laughs* be in sort of rubber bands and also because people keep on stealing my rubber bands Then

Boring stuff Wallet So boringso regular Thenwhat is this? Lip balm Very important You can evernot have lip balm Gotta use italwayseverytime Hydrate your lips, hydrate your body Be happy Okaythen Airpods, very important

to listen to music ThenWhat is this? Battery backup Key

because these cell phones that we have are really badand they give you no battery I think I am going to change my cell phone

Then Perfume ahhhfeel fresh

Waah Enjoying? Okay'Fir kya yeh hai?' Little bit of makeup Um

This stays the same no matter what And I can do my entire makeup with this What is inside this

like everything is inside thisI can do full face makeup Just with these products Then what is another thing that's really good

I must show you all Everyone must buy thisand you get it for free in on Emirates LN They give it for free And you should also carry

Tissues Comb!in fact i think i should comb my hair more oftenand i don't do enough of it But i shouldand it's very important to comb your hairmy mum says Because

you have to really like keep circulation going I don't know why i am saying as if I am giving you all advice because i don't do that my self

But yeah, I wish I did this more often This is myThis is my go to expressionmostly how my face looks like this because

I can't ever find anything inside my bag I just told you 'Compete'most important for Blisters Uhhbattery backup and house keys Lip balmhas to have lip balmbut lip balm is like a organ

it's not a thing It's like a organlike a Heartand a Brainlike an organ

And this is my loyalty cardfor some place I have no idea where this is And that's it guysand so you were with me umm Enjoyed going through my bag and activity A physical activitythat helps me stay fit Thank you Over and out If you like this videolike, share and subscribe on Pinkvilla

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