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Hi guys, this is Divya and I'm super excited to be on this segment of Pinkvilla "what's in your bag" It's my favorite segment and I think Ruhaan is even more excited to show you guys what goes inside Oops! that's Ruhaan's book and let's show it can you show that book Ruhaan it's about our planet about what tell me Yes, I can help save our planet so that's a book for Ruhaan so I got my Fendi bag from Dubai and what I loved about it was that it was such a basic color and a big bag so I can dump just anything and everything in it and yes it goes with all my outfits so let's see what's in there So i have not cleaned up my bag since a few days it's also giving me a chance to look into it Ok here's some gum I thinkthis is my flight essential when I'm travelling my ears get really blocked so I cannot do without my gum so here it is so let's open the other pocket let' see what's into the other pocket I can see my goggles my Dolce and Gabbana goggles and I think goggles are a summer essential for each one of us yes none of us can do without our shades so there are basic colors so they can about with everything so in next can I go? yes, you can You're done with your book? OK so that's my son conference playtime and let's look next what comes out that's my wallet that's like having all my money and all my coins in there Two people if I can carry inside my bag would be would be my son because obviously, I love him to bits and my mom because my mom is my answer to all the stress if I have any of the stress then I need to talk to my mom to clear the doubt and handle every situation in life so yes my mom

OK so there's lot in my bag my phone which is like an essential for all of us it holds all my information it's gotta it's got all my social media in there so my purse also has lot of stuff relating to my skin my cleanser some cotton pads because you know if I'm travelling longer distances by car or maybe if I have a night flight I like to keep my skin completely clean and even if there's no make-up on it's still important to clean your face at least 3-4 times in a day because there's lot of dirt which accumulates during summer So I rarelyyou know don't leave my house without these So one celeb bag I would like to peek into would be JLo's bag because I think she's always glowing and I would like to know the secrets behind her skin behind her hair and behind her weight body so yaa

and yes a moisturizer a lip balm so my lips get chapped very easily so this is one of the most important products for me my lip balm so that's a lot of stuff Ok so this is like a face mask Sephora I think this Sephora face mask are really good they come in different kinds of different kinds of Sephora face masks this one is about ultra moisturizing and brightning so the good thing about them is even if you're traveling by car you can just put it on the way for 10-15 minutes leave it there and you don't have to wash them off you know you have to leave the product to get absorbed in your skin and ya they'll work their magic and immediately give you instant result so ya you can just put your little bit of make-up in the car on top of it and you will be very very fresh whenever

when you reach your destination I've done this many times applying my face mask in the car my credit card pouch all my money's in there if I have to shop something let's see OK this is a medicine a combinase AQ so this is a this is a very very good medicine it's like a magical medicine it was given to me by my mom and it's likeit's a nasal spray so if you're about to catch cold and you spray it in your nose then you won't catch cold so guys you have to try this out Combinase AQ OK so this is a blend of essential oils by Forest essentials it's very very relaxing it unwinds you and calms you so when you reach home and you justyou know you've had a hectic day at work and you wanna relax you can just lie down on your pillow and spray this and it works beautifully and you acan see it's almost over what else? OK these are some of my lipsticks a lipstick by Mac I'm not really a lipstick person I just like to apply a little bit and blend it in so it gives a nice tint a clutch a make-up stick by Bobbi Brown sometimes I leave the house without any make-up If I need some then I just apply a little bit of a make-up stick on the way in the car and that's just about it this is something which I really swear by my hand cream and you can see it's almost over I like to moisturize my hands a lot what else comes out Pen some perfume some more gum OK this is something again I don't travel without they are my earplugs which I again use in the fight I said like I get blocked ears so I have to put them in my ears and I don't leave my house without them my bag seems to be empty now Oh I've got a Mask

a sleeping mask so again when I'm traveling in the flight or in the car I want to relax and there's too much of light which is flowing from the outside you just cover your eyes and you feel relax so I love my sleeping mask OK so this is a it's a face cover normally for my shoots I travel to places which are very dusty so you can just wear it over top of your head and pull it to your face you can be protected from all the dust around all the pollution so when I'm shooting it's very very helpful for me So two things in my bag I cannot leave without are my phone and my lip balm so guys sometime you know when my bag becomes too heavy to carry or i just want to leave it in the car then rush somewhere off this is something which I really put into my pocket my lip balm because my lips get chapped very easily and my phone because obviously you need the phone I'm not able to see anything else into it OK little bit of hair grips coming out so I think that's what all is there in my bag and guys I hope you enjoyed looking into my purse it was like full of various things and it's also given me an opportunity to clean up my purse and do away with things which I don't really require as of now so hope you liked it and please do comment, like, share subscribe to Pinkvilla and it was really fun being here Thank You

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