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Hi, hi everyone, hi Pinkvilla, first of all I read comments sometime and I have to tell I love Pinkvilla aunty So, what's in my bag today, first should we talk about this bag, this is a Lady Dior, large size and one of my favorites – Dior, is one of my favorites and this is quite, a bit intimidating to be sharing your bag stuff, I won't do this for anyone but Pinkvilla

So, okay so let's see what I have in my bag, first I get this pair of shades, Tom ford yeah my favorite these days, my wallet I've got some, you know what it's funny but I don't carry cash in my wallet just cards there are just a bunch of cards and my phone of course I've got a strap for this bag, you can use it with this strap as well I'm so nervous sharing my bag stuff cuz, it just it just feels like someone's in your personal space but I guess that's the trend details, gums not my favorite brand but and a hand cream, hand cream is a must for me because I feel, I do a lot of riding in the reins and I, I like doing Pilates as well, so the straps and my hands are getting so dry these days because of a lot of riding and when I shake hand, I feel a bit embarrassed because it's so hard and so dry all the time, so I keep a hand cream, this is a really nice brand that you guys can try and of course a mini perfume, which one I use I won't tell it's a Tom Ford fragrance and a lot of people ask me, so what you're wearing, what you're wearing I'm like I'm not telling you and a comics, of course lip balm, so that's it Only if would be like my cards and a lip balm and mobile phone And, what else is there there's a mini clutcher, that that I use yeah, that's all there's nothing much there's something very private that I won't share with you, so you can see okay there's a lipstick, this lipstick this is Tom Ford again, Pink color and here's another hand cream, I don't know why I kept two and another comics cuz I'm obsessed with lip balms, okay now, now it's completely empty yeah

I, I keep changing my bag, so I've got like a lot of stuff and but not still a lot so I can easily shift it into another bag, that's it there are no secrets anymore You are right into my personal space Pinkvilla and thank you so much for sneaking into my bag I hate it the most upsetting thing to be checking phones and bags, I would, I would puke with nervousness if I see anybody's bag, I'm right now so nervous and also because I forgot that we're doing this today and I had forgot to remove things like, perfume and double lipbalms because I'm, I am obsessive about carrying lip balms and sometime I I panic and I put double stuff, so I've not really clean my bag and I'm quite nervous yes If, you liked this video don't forget to like and subscribe to Pinkvilla To shop for latest celebrity looks, log on to Pinkvilla shopping

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