What’s in my bag with Kriti Kharbanda | S03E08 | Fashion | Bollywood | Pinkvilla

Hi guys I am Kriti Kharbanda and today I am gonna show you what's in my bag this is for all those people who commented on our previous video with Pinkvilla and for some reason wanted to know what's in my bag so yeah let's go find out so I carry phones and another phone and another phone and another phone so yeah that's in my bag ok apart from that one thing I do not leave my house without is this so-called wallet pouch it says chalo love is not poison I don't know why it says but it does and what I don't forget ever is I make sure I carry Papa's credit card because it always comes in handy so yeah it says Ashwini Kharbanda that's papa's card don't zoom in out it too much it may become a problem my first ever designer bag was a Louis Vuitton it was actually a gift but that was my first designer bag apart from that I always carry my mascara I am very very clear about my mascara I am extremely possessive of my eye brows so this is that and another thing I do not forget to carry is my hand cream it smells like yummy strawberries which I love I actually like my hand smelling like strawberry for some reason weird and yeah my hairclip and my earphones again very very important uhh can't live without them and they have to be red because I am cool person three things I can't live without my mascara I always make sure that I carry sanitary pads or whatever because I may need it or someone else may need it that's another thing and lip balm can't live without lip balm and uh I carry 50 rupees that's the only cash I carry in my bag this is emergency money I never carry cash so yeah my fifty bucks and what's else is there here it's like a house in here there's so much stuff oh yeah my lip balm rose bud salve so this is another thing that I carry in my bag if I had to carry three people in my bag very cliched ya but mummy papa actually three I can't count because I want mom I want dad I want my brother I want my sister and I want my dog I will carry these people in my bag at all times and make sure that they are with me all times and uh chewing gum I guess no one forgets chewing gum and now things are falling out so many bills in my bag for some reason boarding passes, bills because I don't believe in cleaning my bag and I always carry hair pins because my hair irritates me so I make sure that I always pin up my hair if it comes on to my face so this is another thing that I always carry very weird this is hanuman chalisa it's very old I know it's in bad condition but it is atleast 10 years old I think but this is something always in my bag and uh where it is ok I have just realised that I lost something so it's kinda weird yeah and uh always carry a band-aid because I keep injuring myself there's actually a full box in there but I am not gonna take that out so if I lose my bag I am most likely to find it under my bed it is very weird but actually there is space under my bed but people who come to my house will know that under of my bed which is supposed to be empty is always full and I find a lot of stuff there so I am hoping that I ever lose my bag that's where I will find it yeah so that is what's in my bag and I hope you are entertained I don't know what else to say for you cute li'l nosy people out there who wanted to know what's in my bag here is the video so like share and comment and do subscribe to Pinkvilla

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