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Hi, Pinkvilla this is Prachi Desai and today I'm gonna show all you curious cats what's inside my bag so let's start! Girls not a big surprise here yeah but obviously the first thing that comes out of my bag is my phone and then there's another phone I don't know why I have two phones but I just have two phones okay so I'm actually pretty, pretty, pretty particular about how I want my things so I can like literally put my hand in and be like okay this is what I want right now and goes back right in okay if I want that it's exactly in that compartment on this side next to this thing so that's like how you know finicky in particular I am So yeah let me show you what we start with This is like my little makeup kit, which i have so there is a compact mirror girls and mirrors i mean not an accesses but you need your mirror because you know quick fix like There's blush I'm obsessed with cream blush I think it's just kind of you know can if you want to like like dress up in like a minute you just like put on your lip color and cream blush and you're ready to go because I'm not like much of a user of Kajal or like Kohl pencils so that's my thing lip balm oh because I can't like use regular lip balms I have to use like a water-based product that's why this! That was just just really make up out of it now we come to the hygiene and sanitation and a bit of hydration so there's wet wipes there's a hand sanitizer and hand cream I just cannot do without like I have OCD so I have to like clean my hands all the time all the time sometimes my feet was also so yeah this! Okay I wear a lot of heels when I have to go out or just like when I'm dressed up or whatever so shoe bites I have to use this you know for them and then there's a hairbrush! Umm everything in my bag is a mini size right now my hair is also really short so this mini brush really works for me it really helps me and sorts me out for you know my rings or whatever like knick-knacks so that I don't lose them another mini case so it can like just go right in and that's the last thing in my little kit that's my mini perfume, everything's mini around here but it's just easier to carry you know and yeah that gets it's you know even if I have to carry you like a small sling bag I can quickly shift all of the stuff in and you know I won't miss anything because it's all tiny it's gonna fit in there so that's the best part of it yeah so perfume some lip color umm a hairbrush and oops like hand sanitizer I'm pretty done There, hey okay like I told you; everything has to go back exactly where it came out from

Three people in my bag? I know my cat would fit in my bag; my cat Zorro! The second would be my sister she's in Australia right now I really miss her and she's like my bestest friend so and sisters are the best right the third would be I'd pick a friend you know someone who who can just I keep me entertained all the time I would actually love to see what's in Miranda Kerr's bag she's always like glowing and radiating and happy and smiling, I just want to know exactly like where where it all comes from you know like what's inside that bag like what keeps her so prim and proper all the time and maybe Kangana I find her extremely intriguing and interesting I really want to know what's in Kangana's bag then don't laugh at me yeah so that was just like the whatever a cosmetics part of it, this is the food part of it I get hungry every two hours so there is chocolate, there's always dark chocolate in my bag always so that's that there's some mint gum I can't do without that okay I'll show you what this is and what it goes with, meds Okay, I'm highly allergic to a lot of things food, dust I don't know which fruit I'll eat tomorrow and I'll turn out to be allergic to it so, I kind of have to be really careful so yeah this is for my allergies

This is vitamin C I don't know if you know but that also really helps with allergies you can also if you just want to feel a little like energized in the most natural healthy nicest manner then just have some vitamin C because I get hungry every two hours this is a nutbar I'm not so much into protein bars so like sometimes I would have them on but this is like pure nut bar so it's got a lot of seeds in it pumpkin seeds, chia seeds yeah I like eating all that healthy stuff so this is what I have Umm THIS! I don't know why I'm laughing so I have coffee and some green tea and some fruit flavored tea this is strawberry and mango so you know sometimes the only thing today that I've forgotten to put in my bag is a tiny little flask of warm water now that hot water can either go with my coffee or it can go with my green tea it's so happens sometimes you know you're stuck in the car for a while or you can't really stop over and go to a coffee shop or something you know yeah so this really helps and that by the way is Jaggery, I put Jaggery in my coffee or tea instead of sugar so this is how I carry it yep Okay so as you just saw I carry my coffee with me there's something else I carry as well to go with that! This is like my new latest obsession this is a mint mocha flavor and sadly you don't really get the mint flavor in your coffee at most places around here so actually carry this with me and you must try it it's to die for but beware you're gonna be addicted just like I am so yeah that's another thing, I am obsessed with coffee it's all going back in there you know actually to be honest I carry a lot more food with me this is just to show you this is just a little bit of it but there's more food There's basically like a house inside my bag so my bag is my mini house okay Umm there's still more stuff coming out okay this compartment here I'm not even going to show you because it's boring it's like wallet and cards and you know stuff like that which is no surprise everybody carries that

This okay my glasses, yeah you know so I'm gonna let my secret out, I avoid making eye contact with people because you know when when like people see you and they kind of recognize you they're still it takes them likes those three to five seconds to register whether it's you or not and by mistake if you made eye contact that's the time they stop you and they want a picture with you so if you are you know hurry you know or in a rush and especially when you're at the airport, you want to avoid eye contact my glasses so I just never like go anywhere without my glasses and it's not only to avoid eye contact I'm not such a mean person but, yeah you just want your glasses right if I have to swap my back I would be curious actually to know what's in Blake Lively's bag! She's a stunner and yeah I just would like to know what's in her bag maybe I'd like a swap my bag with Blake Lively Hands-free, you know yeah everything in my bag is like in another case or in another bag but that's just how I am so yeah these are like mine your ear phones which would go back here exactly where it came from okay then this time there's a book sometimes when I have a smaller bag like a sling bag then obviously I don't carry my book with me but today I do have a book with me and lastly this is a pack of cards this is just you know in case if I'm like getting bored or I don't know I just if I want to play cards I just said my god so so I think that's fun If I have to pick only three things out of my bag um that's tough okay let's start with the phone I just can't do without the phone sorry my hand sanitizer because remember I have OCD for some places I'd pick my glasses maybe another place I'll pick the lip color maybe another place I would just pick the jaggery or the nut bar yeah so the cat is out of the bag now you all know what's in my bag it's basically a house inside my bag and then inside my bag there's another bag and then there's a pouch and there's a kit and then there's another box basically that's my bag but when you see it you can't tell that there are like a million things inside there right also one more thing every time I have to go somewhere I add on a million more things inside my bag so every time I have to change your bag it's like I'm in a dilemma like I have to choose which things to keep out and which to put put inside and I know that happens to every girl but yeah that's what girls are about you know that's why you get bags and that's why we have all these various sizes of bags so girls nothing to feel ashamed about just have fun take whatever along that you want as long as you can like carry the way it yeah it's fine, it's cool

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