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Hi guys, this is Rakul! Well, I don't know why the world wants to know what's in my bag So I'm going to share the secret today with you all My entire world lies in my bag! In fact, if my bag goes missing I think I'm gonna die of a heart attack! So, this is like a Pandora's box So, first and foremost, I have my wallet Okay Then I've got a pack of2 packs of gums always If I want a gum, or I want a mint Then, I think powder puff that I think every girl has This I showed you in my last video, in my travel essentials that I always have a dry fruit box in my bag wherever I goto kill my munchies Why would I wanna trap someone in a bag They've got a life! ThenEverybody needs this I've got my iPhone charger Umm

I've got this lucky charm It's a coin that was gifted to me for good luck Anddo you want to know more? Can't live without my lip balm, my phone charger and, umm, the third one depends where am I going I need my wallet, or I don't need, you know, maybe Shades shades! Sorry, I didn't show you I have shades also in my bag You want me to show you? Hold on So I've also got See like a said, it's got my entire world so I don't even realise that I've got sunscreen also Body sunscreen and face sunscreen And doesn't it look like a treasure box that you have everything Like so much in such a tiny bag But yeah! There is a pain reliever gel which I always have in my bag, just in case I pull a muscle or cramp up somewhere, yeah Then, strangely, I've got my cheque book! That was only today, that's not always there UmmHeadphones! Okay, that's an inviteI've got my headphones First one

actually I'll tell you that I was in college, I'll be very honest I was in college, and you know, I come from an army background So you just generally don't spend much on bags 300, 400, 500 is what you buy The first basic brand that I bought was a Gas bag which was for 3500, which I picked up in sale which I thought was big deal Because that time I hadn't started working properly I had started modelling, and the first salary that you get is 5-6 grands That was a big deal for me SoAnd then of course, in the high-end bags I think the first one I bought was a Tods And, umm, oh yeah, sorry How can I forget I've got my perfume And, I've got a pen, which I always have Let's see what else do I have Please don't say that I started the video saying that if I lose my bag ever I'm gonna die of a heart attack! I've got some rubber bands I've got something I can'tlive without My lip balm! This has to be with me 24 hours! And yes! A lot of people make fun of me, but I always have a green tea packet with me Because wherever you go, if you don't find green tea If you don't find anything you like, Hot water's something everybody's gonna give you That's all for now! Those are things that I can show you I have in my bag, means there are which I can't But yeah, that's mostly always there in any bag that I have Thank you for watching this video guys And if you like, then please Like, share and subscribe to Pinkvilla!

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