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Hey guys I'm Shilpa Shetty Kundra and today I've been put in a spot and I have to reveal the secrets inside my bag So my bag isn't a luxury, it is a necessity and you all will know why today

They might, it's like, it's actually like a Pandora's box So my phone necessity today I hate the fact that we all have to carry our phones, okay um then there's a yoga chakra book that I'm reading, okay for flights Then obviously my wallet Okay, this is a coconut almond butter squeeze pack for whenever I get hungry

Surprise, yeah I carry these things And then I have my, it's a Hamleys' little notepad so I, for my book that is about to release I basically if I'm on a flight and I suddenly think of something and I write it down You know this is very handy and it comes with a, with a pen, yay! So if I could carry three people in my bag actually people can fit in my bag, it's so big Um it would be definitely my my husband, my son, and one more person my mom yeah Can I actually take my husband my son and a boy to carry the bag, because I don't think I can carry it after that

There's macadamias, I've eaten most of them it's normally quite full so there Then I have, okay this goes to show that I get really hungry and I shouldn't eat rubbish so yeah, these are high fiber muesli power bars This is almonds and seeds power bar, so I have this lady who makes them for me so yeah Gosh terrible! And I also have a brush which has a mirror on it so yeah This is really handy yeah

Then um yeah I also have a, I have a chocolate for my son, it's almonds and sea salt, it's a chocolate Florentine, this is again made to order Then I have a my mouth freshener which is jeera, saunf, ajwain and elaichi See, I don't use mints

Lady Gaga maybe some wigs will come out and some other face yeah, because she keeps transforming so much And then my sunglasses, then I have my little cream for my cuticles and my hand Perfume, clip very very important and Aadhar card, PAN card whatever Arnika, very important So you know anytime someone gets hurt if I feel like a pain in my back in my neck – Arnika, yeah and then my lipsticks, yeah it's very very simple

A lipstick, a lip balm Over! There's a lot of stuff I didn't know I had so many thing to eat in my bag This is terrible, see but you have to also carry you know and you have a five year old you never know they can get hungry when you are going from here to town It's like going from here to Dubai So if you really like being nosy and enjoyed peaking into my bag, do like, comment, share and subscribe to Pinkvilla

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