Wooden Arrows

Unless you get your arrowhead shafts pre-prepared, making your very own wooden arrows can be a lengthy and also hard process; although completion results can be incredibly pleasing.

There are mainly three components in an arrowhead- the stack or head, the shaft and the nock.

Make the Shaft first

To make the shaft the first thing you need to discover the most ideal wood (see my post of the various types of wood available). Pick your sapling for the arrow from the straighter and thicker ones.

wooden arrows

Flavoring the sapling

Fresh hardwood has a really high amount of moisture and hence is not usable as it is, so you need to season them. Pack your saplings as well as put the package outdoors. Maintain them off the ground and also try to allow air to flow. The even more air that accesses the timber, the much faster it will certainly dry out. Area the wood pile in a sunny location to period it the quickest. Untie the package after a couple of weeks and peel off the bark meticulously. When finished, tie them again and completely dry imaginable till they are ready.

If like me you don’t on a regular basis have access to bright weather, try and also locate someplace cozy inside.

Size them up

When the saplings prepare, it’s time to size them up. Typically wooden arrows are 28 to 30 inches in length and also 5/16 inches in size, although this depends on your draw length as well as bow poundage. Add a couple of additional inches to the size so that any errors can be hidden in the future.

Correct the alignment of the shaft

Your wooden arrows requirement to be straight and also the straightness depends upon the shaft. Warm is made use of initially to correct arrow shafts as well as also for routine maintenance. Fill your everyday kettle or steam iron with faucet water. Pass the size of the arrowhead back and forth with the vapor for 5 to 10 seconds, up until the wood has softened. Find bends on the sapling and carefully straighten the arrowhead. Check for straightness by putting the suggestion of the arrowhead in your hand and also spinning the arrowhead. A smooth spin indicates straightness and any kind of jerk will need more functioning. Once you are encouraged that the shafts are straightened, let them relax for 2 weeks. If bends still appear you need to duplicate the heating procedure again.

Fitting the Notch

After aligning the arrow the following step should be reducing notches on one end of the shaft. Make one end of an arrowhead shaft right into a cone form, which gets on the plastic nock (you can pick these up online or from the majority of archery stores). You can make use of a saw tooth or a hacksaw, and also utilize sand paper to sand the end right into a cone form to make sure that the plastic nock can move on.


wooden arrows

Fletchings are needed to secure your arrows in trip. The bigger the fletchings you make use of the faster your wooden arrows will secure, but the more arrow speed you will certainly lose. Consider what distance you will certainly be shooting, and also the weight of your bow. Select 3 feathers, either all-natural or synthetic feathers. Your fletchings do not wish to be longer than about five inches long, and should be connected with fletching adhesive or timber contact cement. To make sure you place the arrows correctly, make use of a fletching jig. You can trim feathers to uniform form with a sharp pair of large scissors. The lighter the arrowhead the smaller sized the plumes can be.

Insert the arrowheads

The following step is to insert the arrowhead. A variety of suggestions are available, so consider what you will certainly be making use of the arrow for. Don’t make use of a hunting pointer for target archery as an example.


Cresting an arrowhead makes it easy to differentiate in between certain wooden arrows. Use a waterproof paint and also decorate the arrow accordingly.

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